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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mother's advice.

I love the winter, but I am not so in love with the static that is associated with New England's driest season. It's hair-raising. Haha.
When I was in fifth grade, my mom offered me this advice: If static electricity causes your hair to stand up, simply lick the palm of your hand and rub your hair for instant results. You should tell your friends.
Worst. Advice. Ever.
Not the hair part - that actually works - but the "tell your friends you spit in your own hair" part. I did not heed it, until today, insulated by internet anonymity.

So if you find yourself out and about without a can of Static Guard and your hair begins to flee from your head, just lick your palm to tame it. It works, tell your friends.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One A, Two A, Red A, Blue A

Where have I been?
I turned off my computer a few days after Thanksgiving and declined to use it while studying for finals. After going for a while without it, I sort of fell out of previous routines. This is not such a bad thing, really. While I regret not keeping up with the blog (mainly because I have no wish to disappear for two years again), I don't really regret taking a break from my pointless web surfing distractions.

I'm done with the semester and, in the two classes that mark my entrée into grad school, I earned an A and an A-. Yay me. =)
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