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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Credit cards are bad, mmkay?
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blast from the past.

I got an emailed friend request from Facebook this morning. Generally, I never bother with Facebook. I signed up way back when it was just for ppl in school, but now it's all over. The bigger it gets, the less I want to be part of it. Make sense? Probably not, but meh.

So the request was from this guy whose name I didn't recognize. Luckily, he included a note in which he explained his original last name and that he was using his middle name. Oh Em Gee, the middle school memories came flooding back. He was a skater guy, kind of a dork I guess. I was extremely attracted to him, of course. That's me. I like the dorks. He had kind of long, black hair. Dark eyes. Kind of a long face. Medium tall (taller than me, anyway, which isn't saying that much). String bean body.

His buddy was the behemoth captain-of-the-football/wrestling team type. More brawn than brains, of course. The kind of guy you just sort of want to avoid, but he seems to be everywhere. So brawn>brains and I were passing notes in class and he asked me who do I "like." This is middle school, did I mention that?
The guy I "liked" (aforementioned Facebook dork) was the object of obsession of the Class Queen. Admitting I had a crush on him was tantamount to 8th grade suicide. I was coy; I wrote back, "I'll give you a hint: you know him." In a class of maybe 50 people, of COURSE he knew him. It wasn't much of a hint, but somehow brawn>brains assumed I meant I was talking about HIM and wrote me back to tell me he liked me too and oh would I "go out" with him. Ugh. Class Queen #2 was crushing on brawn>brains AND I wanted nothing to do with him.
So of course I said yes and we dated. *facepalm*

I kind of figured out that brawn>brains was more interested in my body than my mind (Headline News! Grass is green, sky is blue, and 8th grade boys aren't interested in deep conversation that doesn't lead to making out!). Shocking, I know.
My response was one that sort of set a pattern for my future relationships. Instead of breaking up with him, I kind of just disappeared from the relationship. I didn't talk to him at school or anywhere else. I didn't make a scene. Maybe I'm non-confrontational, maybe I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Whatever it is, that's how I break up with someone. I cease to participate in the world sphere that once included an "us."

A couple of weeks or so after my disappearance, I got a call from a mutual friend who let me know that brawn>brains wanted to break up. I honestly had no idea who he was talking about. "Oh, were we still dating?" I asked. Haha, brawn>brains was listening in. Nice blow to the ego right there. Oopsie. He got me back later by running a negative campaign against me for class president.

Anyway, back to the dork. As far as I know, he never went out with the Class Queen. We did smooch once at a party, which was probably scandalous, I don't know. I don't remember what happened after 8th grade. It's quite possible that he left school and went somewhere else. I don't have any high school memories of him.

So where is he today? In NYC, apparently. An artist! I should have known. My class was full of ridiculously creative people. Judging by his website, he's a pretty darn good artist. Another classmate (the guy who called me for brawn>brains) is a famous musician now. Another classmate works as a designer for Armani. Another schoolmate (a few years ahead of my class) has been in several movies and is now a main character in a popular primetime tv show. The list goes on and on. So many talented people.

Out of all the people I went to school with, the vast majority I'd love to never talk to or hear from again - dorks from 8th grade on whom I had a crush excluded. Yay for Facebook!
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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nerd love.

I am nerdier than 92% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

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Busy busy busy.

Wooo... it's been a week. I didn't disappear again, and while those with whom I quit WoW have recently gone back to it (new expansion, dontcha know), I feel no urge to follow.

A few things have been keeping my attention whenever I'm sitting in front of my computer. The first is a final project (due Nov 30) that I'm working on for one of my classes. I'm developing a website for a library, and I must say it's turning out quite well. Due to various restrictions on showing photos of real people without written documentation of their consent, I'm peppering the site with purchased pics from istockphoto which is not too expensive. I'll probably spend $20 on the whole thing, and that's well worth saving any hassle regarding consent. After I turn in the project, I can replace the pics with real ones since it's eventually going to be used live.

I'm also studying for a final which, according to ratemyprofessors, is just about the most difficult exam ever devised. *sigh*

To stay sane, I also read a couple of community blogs over at LiveJournal, which I used to think was just a site for people who didn't know how to create their own blog, but I realize now is a pretty fun community thingy. I'm not at all into social networking, I just lurk and appreciate.
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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Stupid emoticons.

Emoticons have made me dumber.
I'm so used to writing =) to convey positive and friendly feeling quickly, or to take the edge off of what might otherwise sound snarky.

When writing to one's professors or associates, however, one simply does not rely on pictures. One writes words that convey a tone in order to effectively communicate through text. When one has become accustomed to grinning like a fool with = and ) or even D, one might suddenly realize that one has misplaced a few IQ points when one attempts to convey a tone without the crutch of a smiley.

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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Goombas on the 50 yd line.

I'm watching the Texas Tech v. Oklahoma State game right now and I swear to you, the band just started playing the theme song from Super Mario. Awesome.
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Now in color!

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja


Grad school success is 5% work and 95% not getting distracted by awesome web comics. Yup yup.
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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Halloween's most frightening skeleton.

For at least the past year or so, I have not seen much at all of Ann Coulter. Maybe I just wasn't paying enough attention, but she seemed to me have to finally withered away into nonexistence.

Around midnight last night, I flipped on the tv to see who'd won the election. Seeing Obama giving his victory speech, one of my thoughts was, "Oh great, another four years of Ann Coulter scratching her talon-like fingernails across the blackboard of America."

Sure enough, I wandered past a tv about 3 minutes ago and there she was, working herself into a frenzy of crazy on some random political talk show. Bleh. That didn't take long.
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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day mayhem.

Everywhere I looked this morning, news sources were citing huge lines at the polls. I put on my shoes and socks, tried to dust off my apathy as much as possible, and trudged down to participate in democracy.
Honestly, if it was just a presidential election, I wouldn't have bothered. I live in a True Blue state so my vote doesn't matter one iota. There were, however, several local people and other items that required my vote, so off I went, prepared to wait in these long lines I'd been hearing about all day.

The long line turned out to be one senior citizen ahead of me, and even though he walked kinda slow, I didn't have to wait at all. Yes, there was only one ballot-sucker-upper machine (a relatively new device employed by my state to replace 12th century lever boxes which is kinda sucky since I loved pulling the lever thingy and watching the curtain swing closed), but there were about a dozen empty privacy tables for marking ballots.
I got in, voted, got my sticker, and got out in about 45 seconds flat.

The local hardware store was giving away free t-shirts to those with an I Voted Today sticker, but I didn't partake. Nor did I make my way to the local Starbucks for their free "tall" coffee with same said sticker. First off, I don't generally wear t-shirts, and secondly, I don't drink Starbucks coffee. Besides, I secretly enjoy being able to honestly say that I have never been there.
The on Election Day sale I did take advantage of was the 44% off at Kenneth Cole. Got a lovely pair of boots for a very acceptable price. Yay!

Happy Election Day.
Boo for "Election Day Specials" on tv that preempt the only show I watch all week when it's not like anyone is going to know who the president is until like midnight or something and House is on at 8pm. Again, I say boo.
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Xmas lists.

Yesterday's find sparked a memory from my childhood. If you don't visit the link, I shall clue you in: It's a long (long) xmas wish list with a ton of expensive items a girl want for xmas.

As soon as I started asking my parents for stuff instead of Santa, my xmas list ballooned to twice the above linked list's size. I guess I didn't want to burden Santa, but I didn't mind my own parents shouldering the load of my greed.

In 6th grade, I took a look at a friend's xmas list. She came from a very wealthy family, yet her list included only a handful of small things (glycerin soap, for example).
She got everything on her list, plus more surprises she hadn't asked for. I got a couple of things on my list, no surprises, and sighs from my parents that sounded a bit like, "Where did we go wrong?"

The experience taught me a lot.
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Sunday, November 02, 2008


Had an awesome halloween. Lots of fun. Prolly got a cavity or two.
I am told that my pumpkin carvings are perennially too "cheerful." I suppose it's possible. I like my squash happy.
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