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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Busy busy busy.

Wooo... it's been a week. I didn't disappear again, and while those with whom I quit WoW have recently gone back to it (new expansion, dontcha know), I feel no urge to follow.

A few things have been keeping my attention whenever I'm sitting in front of my computer. The first is a final project (due Nov 30) that I'm working on for one of my classes. I'm developing a website for a library, and I must say it's turning out quite well. Due to various restrictions on showing photos of real people without written documentation of their consent, I'm peppering the site with purchased pics from istockphoto which is not too expensive. I'll probably spend $20 on the whole thing, and that's well worth saving any hassle regarding consent. After I turn in the project, I can replace the pics with real ones since it's eventually going to be used live.

I'm also studying for a final which, according to ratemyprofessors, is just about the most difficult exam ever devised. *sigh*

To stay sane, I also read a couple of community blogs over at LiveJournal, which I used to think was just a site for people who didn't know how to create their own blog, but I realize now is a pretty fun community thingy. I'm not at all into social networking, I just lurk and appreciate.
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