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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Homework bug.

Two weeks ago, I was assigned this research project. No big deal, I thought. It won't take that long to do it. I was under a time crunch for another class at the time, so I didn't even start the thing for a week.
One week ago, I sort of looked at my research project and mapped out a plan of attack.
Four days ago, I actually started.
Yesterday, I realized I still had many hours left of work to do on this monster before I was done. Due date: yesterday, midnight.
So that's what I did all day yesterday. From 9:30am to about 8:00pm I was chained to my computer.
The project came out pretty well I think. I mean, I wasn't flailing and putting stuff together all mish-mosh. I did a good job, I think, despite the effects of procrastination.

The strange thing is that, at some point during my marathon computer-use, something crawled up the sleeve of my sweater and bit my arm. I have no idea what it was, but damn! It didn't hurt at all when it happened; I didn't feel a thing, which seems incredible when you see the size of the itchy bump left behind.
Seriously, no exaggeration, I have a red lump a little bigger than a quarter (I measured) a few inches above my wrist on the underside of my arm.
I saw nothing, I felt nothing. What the hell bit me? Ninja spider?
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Blogger Jayme Downs said...

ACCCCKK!! That's a little freaky. It's a mystery critter!! Has it gone down yet?

btw, glad you got your project finished in time. :)

11/01/2008 11:19 PM  

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