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Thursday, October 26, 2006


The high today is supposed to be like 53F. Sweater weather, right?
I pulled a sweater out of my under-bed winter clothes storage drawer and put it on over a plain undershirt. Driving to school, it crept up on me: allergies. I sneezed my head off, wanted to claw my itchy, watery eyes out of my skull, and then the wheezing started.
Mid-traffic jam, I pulled the sweater off and threw it in the backseat. The sneezing abated a bit, but my eyes are still tearing and my breathing hasn't gotten any better. I sound like a 60 year old smoker. Ugh.
Plus, I'm sitting here at school wearing an undershirt in the freezing cold.

So attractive.

I stopped by the student center and bought a cute sweater with my school's name on the front. It's cozy and warm. A little too warm, actually. They seem to have the classroom heat cranked up to max. Oh well, at least the wheezing is gone. I have some sniffles and my eyes are still a little watery, but I can live with that.
I don't own many clothes with words on them. It's a little distracting. Being that I am female and portions of my upper torso are more horizontal than vertical, whatever words are on my shirt end up sitting upside down in my lower peripheral vision. The distraction comes from my natural inclination to read.
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Sunday, October 01, 2006


This was filmed from right near my dad's house, which is where I was last weekend. Too bad I missed seeing it! Like dad said, it's a once in a lifetime kind of sight to see.

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