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Friday, February 24, 2006

Ho hum.

No news is good news, right? Life has been running according to schedule this past week and I've nothing new or interesting to prompt anything worth writing about. Well, maybe the political skirmish in my 1st amendment class in which I disagreed with all my classmates regarding a certain issue which has been making headlines recently. It wasn't hard to do; they all had the exact same let's-all-hold-hands-and-sing-koombayah opinion.

Moving along...
I'm currently waiting for a load of clothes to dry. OMG, exciting.
Perhaps I shall take this time to work my way down the blogroll and explain why you should do some link clicking:

Agree or disagree, she's an interesting read (if you can get past the strangely placed google ads). Ajax is a Marine, though her blog deals more with her opinions on the world around her than her personal life.

Bookfinder Journal
Do you care about fair use rights for copyrighted orphan works? How about concerns about not-for-profit booksellers? No? Don't bother clicking.

This link takes you to a blog for the television version. If you want to check out the comic strip, go here.

Calm Maelstrom
Hit or miss. Liberal guy writing about a whole lot of different stuff. Updated very frequently, so there's always something new to read. He renamed his blog, but I haven't gotten around to editing my blogroll.

Chapel Perilous
Infrequently updated, but so fun when there's something new to click on.

The title is pretty self-explanatory. Do you ever spend money on stuff? Yes? Click and be happy.

CT Weblogs
I dunno why I have this linked. For days when I just wanna vegetate by reading blogs, I guess. If you don't live in CT, then really you probably wouldn't be interested. It's a portal, that's about it.

Dad Gone Mad
Rude as hell commenter clique, but his posts are funny enough to make up for it. Sometimes almost as good as Dooce, if she were a guy.

Darren Barefoot
A must read if you're Canadian. I'm not Canadian, but I like him anyway. I don't visit often, but I've gotten so many great links from him on the few occasions I do visit that I can't bring myself to delete him from my blogroll.

Delicious Life
One of many awesome food blogs. *drool*

Are you new to the internet? No? Then I don't need to say any more.

He doesn't go by that title anymore (he's now just plain Pete Holiday) but I liked it, so I kept it. Pete's been on my blogroll for well over a year and has since graduated college and gone on to law school. He has a flair for drama, and can be quite an entertaining read, even if you're not in the loop. "Self-deprecating, yet holier-than-thou" is probably the best description I could come up with for Pete.

Another one who has been on my blogroll forever. I fricking love Kristine, she's so awesome. Updates have been less frequent these days, but every time my link to her has an asterisk next to it, she's the one I visit first on the blogroll.

The journal of the author of a comic I like a lot.

Go Fug Yourself
Celebrities dressed in funny outfits, verbally skewered by the unparalleled wit of writers Heather and Jessica.

I originally linked her because that was my nickname when I was a little kid and so I felt an affinity for her blog. She's since moved from blogspot, so I can't comment anymore, but I still read her. Hilary is a displaced Texan living the military life with her hubby and kiddos. A fun read, go check her out.

The dryer is done. I'll do the rest later. Maybe. No promises. Bye.
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Sunday, February 19, 2006


So. Creepy.
I've read Dooce for a while, but up until recently I had no idea she was such a celebrity (I think it was after the Tsunami when she mentioned she was donating the $1500 she made in a month from the ads on her blog).
This country has a certain celebrity worship culture, but usually these people are products handled by managers and publicity reps. There's this sort of impersonal distance between celebrities and the commoners that idolize them (unless, of course, you're Roy's brother).
When bloggers start getting stalked because of their hit count, I think that reasonable level of insanity has been exceeded.
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So here's how I annoy myself:
I stay up late because I know I can actually sleep in for once the next morning, but then I forget my alarm clock is set to wake me up at 6:30am. :/

That link button thing? I made four. None were liked. Bleh.

And here's what kept me up last night (besides watching Batman Begins):
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Friday, February 17, 2006


Bill Barnes, the artist of one of my favorite strips, Unshelved, responded to my email query for a graphic link to their strip with the suggestion that I make one for them!
He's a professional artist, and he asked ME to design something for HIM!

I have not come up with anything yet, and I've got beaucoup schoolwork to accomplish today before I go flitting around with Paint Shop Pro, but OMG! I'm gonna maybe design the little link button that Gene Ambaum and Bill Barnes use for Unshelved!
*high pitched squeal of delight*
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Yeah, I'm an artist.

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Awesome flame.

Is the opposite of a backhanded compliment a forehanded insult? You know, when someone is saying something negative about you, but it comes out perhaps more complimentary than they'd intended?
Yeah, I got one of those. Yay me!

First of all, let me just say that I rarely ever talk about politics - especially on teh intarweb. People get too heated about stuff and rarely does it make for polite conversation.
However, on a message board where I occasionally participate, someone posted a political hypothetical to which I replied and waxed philosophic. My post received a few unexpected direct replies, one of which was a crude retort involving Betty Friedan and (I believe) a sex toy.
When queried further by a third party, the crude retorter explained his displeasure with my post:
"What truly surprises me is that no one actually detected it, and I therefore give Hilary great credit for her incredible cleverness and knack for legerdemain.
"My move was not actually a drive-by as much as it was a preemptive strike on the suspect notions of a very bright political operative, and there was nothing ad hominem about it--as Hilary well knows.
"Then again, if I'm wrong, I truly extend my profound regrets and apology. Only thing I can say from here is, read her words again, Jim, and measure them closely.
"The girl's very smooth in her ridicule, her barbs are sugar-coated, and again, I give her credit for her intelligence, her considerable ability to deliver a velvet fist. Not a few of you were 'out' before you hit the canvas.
"The girl's good, and that's admirable and undeniable."
I had to look up "legerdemain", but the rest of it is definitely the most flattering flame I've ever received online. None of it is true, of course, but the fact that someone thought I was capable of such a thing, and used so many big words to describe their praise, was so amazing that I felt I just had to share. :)
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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Things seen along the road today.

1. A man running across the road, holding up traffic in attempt to get enough running speed so he can clear a large trashcan hurdle. He made it. I clapped.
2. A girl riding a unicycle, down a winding, roughly paved, rural, divider-less road through the woods.
3. A minivan with a large sign in the back window: "Save Roe!"

That last one probably isn't so odd, except for the fact that I swear my first thought when I read it was that these people were militant about protecting fish eggs.
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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


The bad news:
LibraryThing (see sidebar; scroll down) lost 163 of my books in a series of server crashes over the past few days.

The good news:
Everything is fixed now, and they apologized to me with a free membership!

Is it wierd that I'm actually looking forward to re-adding the 163 lost books?
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Sunday, February 05, 2006


When I was 15, I went to the funeral of a friend of mine who'd committed suicide. His method involved an Amtrak train, so it was understandably closed-casket. Practically the entire town showed up and the church was completely packed when I arrived. It sort of set the bar for my own funeral daydreams.
If I died, would people come? Would they care? Would they say nice things about me, or just gawk? My dead friend was 17; there's something about young death that turns into public morbid curiosity.

When does one cross that threshold? At what age does one need to actually have real friends in order to fill a funeral? I seem to recall hearing a journalist claim his boss insisted on a "cause of death" for the obituary of anyone under 40. Not that I generally read obituaries out of habit, but when I do, I always give more than just a cursory glance at those who died young.

I failed to show up for a rather mundane social event this past week because I just wasn't feeling up to it (this head cold from hell has been kicking my ass for a straight week now). The next day, my friend Michelle called me from work to see if I was okay.
After we chatted and I hung up the phone, I thought, "She'd totally come to my funeral if I died."

Personally, I'm hoping my funeral guest list includes my children, their children, and maybe a great-grandkid or two.
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Friday, February 03, 2006


Here's what makes me grumpy:
When you're lying in a nice, cozy, warm bed and just utterly comfortable,
and your alarm is poised to go off in 20 minutes,
and you would love nothing more than to enjoy every last second of luxurious sleep,
but your bladder is completely, undeniably, urgently full.
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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

New love.

I just discovered LibraryThing.
They got me. Instant addiction.
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Look, I'm not trying to tell you not to smoke. I'm not going to get into the cost to society (read: me) that your little habit generates when you come down with all the lovely health problems associated with sucking hot tar into your lungs. Nor will I ramble on about the litany of negative effects that smoking causes on a personal level. Sure, there's nothing good about it, but it's your RIGHT as a consumer, and gosh darn it, I'll defend that.

It's just... well, I have pretty, pink, healthy lungs and I'd like to keep them that way. When you stand directly in front of the door that I'm trying to walk through to get to my next class - huddling under the awning because you have to smoke outside, only the outside is cold and rainy, and while you need your fix, you don't wanna actually get wet, and it's probably hard to hold a lighter AND a cigarette AND an umbrella - it forces me and the rest of us non-poison breathing pedestrians to share your noxious fumes. (try reading that sentence all in one breath, smoker.)
You got up this morning, took a shower, did your hair, made yourself all attractive for school because you've got to impress the rest of the student body with your awesomeness. Why ruin that by huddling in the rain with a tube of smelly fire dangling out of your mouth? It's decidedly not awesome, most especially when you're pissing off the people who have to walk through the cloud of crap that you just expelled from your sickly lungs.

It's gotten so bad on campus, that when I open a door to walk outside, I instinctively hold my breath now. :(
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