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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Buh bye Summer

School is starting in a couple of days, and with all the running around gathering supplies and filling out paperwork, I guess the summer is officially over. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.
Despite consistant application of sunscreen, I actually managed to aquire a tan this summer. Somehow, even my tan knows the fun is over. Showering this morning, I discovered my shoulders are peeling. Ugh. Sexay. :(
Bye bye tan; it was fun while it lasted.

Oh yeah, and I bought some new jeans for school. Just normal bootcut, right? Apparently not. Ten minutes after I got home with my new purchase, I flip on the tv and there's a show on talking about how bootcut is OUT, BABY! and the new "skinny leg" jeans are in. What. The. Hell? Is this 1987? Should I go looking for some LA Gear hightops too?
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Anonymous Hilary-Dilary-Dock said...

OH...MY...GOSH! I almost didn't check your site this morning! I've missed reading your posts!

Now, make sure the LA Gear hightops are the ones that light!! HA HA!

My kids started school back on August 1! So summer has been over for us for a month now. We had two months of doing fun things and it made it go by quickly. I, however, was still glad when school started!! LOL!

Good luck with you schooling!


P.S. I once again changed my blog URL...I know always chaning it! I changed to a "free" account with AOL and after I had done so, they made all their accounts free if you used someone other than AOL to connect to the internet! GRR!! I changed email addresses and blogs sites for nothing! Oh well!! Have an awesome day!

8/31/2006 9:05 AM  
Blogger ::Ali:: said...

Glad your back to blogging!!
I have stopped by a few times but you never posted!!
LA funny!!!
Hope school goes well for everyone this year!!!!

8/31/2006 10:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tans are overrated!

I guess my guy-ness is showing, cause I don't get the fashion stuff. :(


8/31/2006 4:15 PM  
Blogger Kristine said...

Oh don't worry too much about fashion. "one day you're[it's] in and the next day you're [it's] out," right? (Are you watching Project Runway)?

I'm glad you're posting again!

9/01/2006 9:43 AM  
Blogger ~ Jayme ~ said...

OMG, LA Gears! That was so funny.

9/01/2006 11:48 AM  

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