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Monday, December 12, 2005

Orphan laptop.

I have my final final this week. It's a hard one and I will require hours upon hours of study time in order to keep a firm grasp on my She-Who-Consistently-Ruins-The-Curve title.
My choice of surroundings when I hunker down to absorb, spongelike, ideas and facts which I would not otherwise care to know, is my local public library. It's comforting to be surrounded by books, and I treat myself to a shelf scan every 30-45 minutes just to keep my distraction level in check.

Today I spent 3 hours there dissecting the federal bureaucracy. Oh joy. After 180 minutes, the stuff backed up and started overflowing out of my brain no matter how many times I reread it in my attempts to cram it in.

Sitting at the table next to me was a guy who had marked his territory by just spreading his stuff all over the place. Perhaps he figured on just moving in? He had his jacket on the table, sunglasses, ipod, itty bitty laptop, books, cds, notebooks, assorted papers. A mess.
The laptop was cute though. I admit to coveting it, especially when the guy got up and left.
I don't mean "left" as in wandered into the stacks but well within hearing distance, or even "left" as in ran down to the bathroom on the first floor. This guy left for at least a half hour and then returned with a Snapple, which leads me to think he actually exited the building entirely and possibly even made a journey to the store. Perhaps he figured I looked like an honest enough type and didn't think I'd let anyone walk away with his pretty pretty laptop. My precious.

If only I hadn't been wearing my goody two shoes...
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Blogger Hilary-Dilary-Dock said...

You should have asked him where your Snapple was for watching his laptop and other stuff! Good luck on your finals! I am fixing to take mine this week as well! I'll be done Thursday for two weeks before starting back up on January 3!! WOO HOO!!

By the way, I am a different Hilary than Hilary!! LOL! Don't get too confused!

12/12/2005 8:42 PM  

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