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Monday, October 24, 2005

More Paint.

So the cute guy at the paint store who helped me pick the (perfect! fabulous!) paint color, was doing his best to save me money. I think he did his job a little too well, actually.
First of all, he tried to sell me 1-ply plastic drop cloths. I've used these before. They rip. I put them back and got 2-ply. Then he swore I would only need one gallon to cover my 12x12 room with one coat.
"Won't I need more than one coat?" I asked.
"Oh no, that should be fine. You won't need more than one gallon," he assured me.

Guess what?
I ran out of paint while painting my much needed second coat last night. So apparently, I needed one gallon plus enough to second coat two of the four walls. Grrr...

Oh well, the half of the room that's done already looks amazing. I'm so pleased with the result and I can't wait to get it all finished and put the furniture back in there.

Embarassing moment of the day:
I wore icky paint clothes all day and threw on a nice outfit to run out to do an errand. Since I'd only had it on for like 10 minutes, I figured it wasn't dirty and didn't require exile to the laundry hamper.
Also, since I figured I would be following a different schedule and wouldn't see any of the same people, I could just wear the same outfit the next day.
Of course, then I saw someone I'd seen the day before. Don't think I didn't catch the elevator eyes and brief look of digusted incredulity when she greeted me.
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Blogger PurpleMama said...

Aww...i cant wait to see the finish product. You know you HAVE to post pics when it is done. What a loser to try to sell you things you didnt or did need. HELLO!!

10/24/2005 12:57 PM  
Blogger Ailyn said...

always buy more paint then bring it back if u dont use it (and it wasn't a specialy made color)

10/24/2005 6:41 PM  
Anonymous jim burke said...

Integrity check - if you ask yourself "will I get away with this?" then don't do it. In matters large and small. Just practicing for my YM's.;-) Always buy more and return the extra is the best rule of thumb for paint buying.

10/25/2005 11:13 AM  

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